Lenny leaking salt water

Lenny came to visit us after an eventful morning at the beach this month. He was having so much fun chasing after his ball that morning, that he managed to ingest a lot of salt water. 

Unfortunately Lenny drank so much salt water that he began to leak salt water from his bottom on the way home! During the drive home Lenny was so alarmed by what was happening to his rear end that he tried to jump out of the car window! Thankfully his owner responded quickly and managed to catch Lenny but not before Lenny had grazed himself in a few spots. 

Upon arrival into the clinic Lenny was a little shaken up and was bleeding lightly from his grazes but with some much deserved cuddles and medical attention from the team the bleeding stopped fairly quickly. Once he had been seen by our Veterinarian, it was recommended that Lenny go home to rest for the afternoon. His owner was advised that his function should return to normal pretty quickly, however to keep an eye out for signs of diarrhoea. 

Lenny's owner has reported that he is doing really well and is back to chasing after his favourite ball at the beach. We hope that Lenny continues to love chasing after balls at the beach and we see him soon for a friendly visit.