Lack of appetite leads a warning sign for senior cats

'Cupcake', a gorgeous cat, is one of our older patients who was presented to the clinic with a decrease in appetite over the previous couple of weeks. On examination Dr Jane (our locum vet) felt two firm masses in Cupcake's abdomen. The next step was to take a full blood screen to check that the rest of Cupcake's organs were working adequately.

All was ok on the blood results so she was admitted, placed on intravenous fluids and anaesthetised. An exploratory laparotomy (surgical investigation of the abdomen) was performed by Dr Alex and Dr Jane and the masses identified in the intestines - these were removed along with a 20cm length of gut. The masses were sent to the lab for analysis.

Cupcake recovered well from her surgery and was soon eating very well again. Unfortunately the lumps were diagnosed as a type of malignant cancer but at the moment Cupcake is doing very well.