Knee trouble again for Harvey

Meet the lovely 3 year old Harvey. He is a ginger and white domestic short haired cat that our team and his owners had been keeping a close eye on an intermittent lameness in his right hind limb. Conservative treatment with strict cage rest, pain relief and monitoring at home was the first line of treatment for Harvey, and with this, his lameness improved for some time.

However, Harvey recently began being troubled by this leg again. He was reassessed and based on history, physical examination findings and radiographs, it was determined that Harvey was suffering from a condition known as medial patella luxation (or MPL).  This condition occurs when the patella (knee-cap) no longer glides within its natural groove in the femur, the upper bone of the knee joint. It becomes displaced to the inside of the joint and can be partial or complete, intermittent or permanent. It can be a result of trauma or more commonly during the development stage of the first few years of an animal’s life.

Harvey was booked in for a delicate orthopaedic surgical procedure with Dr Andrew Jacotine, our staff surgeon. Dr Andrew has been working closely with our clinic for some time now and his knowledge in surgery is profound. The goal of this surgical procedure was to stabilise the knee and allow a normal return to function for Harvey.

We are happy to report that Harvey is continuing to recover well from this delicate surgical procedure.