Keyhole surgery now available

At Fitzroy Vet Hospital, we are very excited to announce that we can now offer keyhole (laparoscopic) desexing procedures for female dogs. The procedure involves passing a tiny sterile camera and cautery equipment through two minor incisions in the abdomen. This avoids the need to open the abdomen surgically to access the uterus and ovaries.

Jasmine with her loving owners

From previous patients we have performed the procedure on, we have been very delighted with the results. One patient, a beautiful 6 month old Labrador called Jasmine, was up and about minutes after surgery like nothing had happened. Her two surgical wounds were approximately 7-8mm in length, and she made a much more rapid recovery than if she had a traditional procedure.

There is also the option for cryptorchid castrations (when a testicle hasn’t dropped and is often retained in the abdomen). Instead of opening the abdomen to locate the testicle, we can now access it laparoscopically. This is a very exciting development for our patients. If you are interested in booking your dog in for this procedure, please contact us on 9489 2195.