Jock's road accident injuries

This month, we have had the pleasure of looking after the beautiful Jock, who was involved in a road accident whilst his owners were getting married overseas. Jock was enjoying a bit of outdoor time whilst travelling in the back of his carer's ute when he fell out and suffered some serious injuries.

As the accident occurred outside of our clinic hours, Jock was initially treated and his condition stabilised at a local emergency center. First thing on the Monday morning, Jock was brought into our clinic for additional assessments and bandage changes. We found that his injuries were quite extensive with the most serious wound being located in his right axilla (armpit). Although he was quite visibly shaken and scared after a traumatic weekend, he was an absolute pleasure to treat and look after. A few of our nurses definitely fell in love with him. The Veterinarian was able to conduct a full examination, and Jock was very brave whilst allowing us to treat his injuries.

Luckily and thanks to Jock's carers, we were able to get in contact with his owners to explain the situation and provide them with the following options:

Option 1. Surgically repair skin wound with drain placement and monitor the return to function of his leg (if unsuccessful may require amputation)
Option 2. Amputation

Jock's owners opted for option 1 which involved placing Jock under anaesthetic in order for us to surgically repair the wound. The surgery was booked for the following day, and once again Jock was incredibly brave. The procedure went to plan and he recovered well from the anaesthetic.

The result of the surgery is still unknown at this stage as it is still early days in his recovery. However, Jock is currently coming into the clinic for bandage changes every couple of days and we are closely monitoring the function of his leg.

We love to see Jock walking through the clinic doors with his bright smile and happy tail, and it seems that he doesn't mind us either. We wish Jock all the best in his recovery.