Isabella's laparoscopic spay

The ever so beautiful Isabella came to visit us this month for her desexing procedure. Different to the traditional and more common means of speying female dogs, at Fitzroy we also offer an alternative laparscopic option.

Laparoscopy is the procedure of looking into the abdomen with a camera inserted through a very tiny hole in the body wall. Instruments can also be placed into the abdomen via very tiny incisions, which allows some surgical procedures to be performed. Laparoscopic desexing is where a patient is desexed using laparoscopic techniques to remove the ovaries only (immature females) or the ovaries and uterus (mature females).

Laparoscopic desexing is a minimally invasive way of performing desexing activities, which are commonly performed in female dogs and cats. It is also useful in male dogs with retained testicles within the abdomen.

Specific advantages of laparoscopic desexing in comparison to open surgery include:

  • Significantly smaller incisions
  • No direct tissue handling
  • Minimal tissue stretching
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Reduced need for pain medications
  • Quicker recovery and return to function

While the technique is applicable to all female ‘entire’ patients undergoing desexing, some specific examples where it is particularly useful include:

  • Large breed, deep chested or fat dogs
  • Aged patients
  • Patients with concurrent issues such as mammary tumour
  • Active patients where wound management may be difficult

Isabella was such a brave girl during her stay with us and she recovered incredibly well. We love visits from Isabella and we are thrilled that she is doing so well at home. 

If you would like more information about laparoscopic procedure, please feel free to contact us at the clinic.