In 'paw' taste

The cheeky but ever so gorgeous Jasper came to visit us this month after he had managed to eat almost all of his walking lead! When Jasper's owner discovered what remained of the lead (only the handle and metal clip) they contacted us immediately. We advised them to bring Jasper straight into the clinic. As not much time had passed since he ate the lead we would be able to induce vomiting.

Although it may have been possible for Jasper to pass pieces of the lead on his own we were unsure of what size pieces he had ingested. Large enough pieces could potentially create an obstruction so in this case it was safest to induce vomiting.

Little Jasper managed to bring up all of what he had eaten and we were able to piece his lead back together. Suffice to say he loved a cuddle after his ordeal. We hope to see Jasper back soon for more cuddles but not for the same reason again. All the best to him and his family.