Glaeo happy with arthritis treatment

Glaeo is a beautiful senior Cocker Spaniel who has been visiting us for regular Synovan injections to assist in the management of her arthritis. 

Symptoms of arthritis in pets vary and can include:

  • Stiffness or slowness when getting up or down, or after resting
  • Difficulty going up or down stairs or for cats unwillingness to jump
  • Reduction in activity or a reluctance to exercise
  • Dragging back legs, worn toe nails or reluctance to groom in cats

Synovan is a new breed of arthritis treatment. Unlike previously used arthritis injections it is a unique combination of two anti-arthritic active agents which work together to improve joint mobility and get your pet back onto their feet faster.  

In conjunction with the Synovan injections, Glaeo is also on a course of anti-inflammatory pain relief to assist. Since commencing both injections and pain relief tablets, her owner's have reported that she is a much happier and mobile dog, stating that 'she even runs up and down the hallway at home now!' Pretty good for a dog who is almost 15 and a half years old!

During the cooler winter months, it is important to ensure that your pet is comfortable. 

Tips to help your pet through the winter:

  • Ensure your pet has warm, comfortable bedding.
  • Don’t use a heat lamp, heater, or other device not approved for use with animals.
  • Walking and swimming are the best forms of exercise for dogs with arthritis. The appropriate duration of exercise depends on the individual pet. Regular short bouts of exercise are better than occasional large bouts.
  • Weight control is extremely important when managing the symptoms and minimising the progression of arthritis. Calorie restricted diets and gentle exercise to maintain ideal (low end of normal) body weight are essential for animals with arthritis.  We also recommend this for animals that are predisposed or at risk of arthritis.
  • The use of Synovan and appropriate anti-inflammatory/ pain relief medication. Anti-inflammatory drugs can also be used to help control the pain associated with arthritis. They are best used to control acute pain and as an adjunct for management of chronic pain. Anti-inflammatories will not slow the progression of the disease and are best used in combination with other modes of treatment. 

We are thrilled to hear that Glaeo is much more comfortable now!