Gilly and Freya's warning about the poisonous lilies

Feline brother and sister, Gilly and Freya were admitted to our clinic for suspected lily ingestion. Their owner had received a lovely bunch of flowers that just happened to contain lilies, and either Gilly or Freya was seen investigating and having a taste of the flowers. Knowing about the dangers of lilies to cats, Gilly and Freya's owners quickly rushed them to our clinic and admitted them to hospital for treatment.

Several species of lilies are poisonous to cats and these include Easter lilies, tiger lilies, rubrum or  Japanese showy lilies, and various day lilies. All parts of the lily are potentially toxic if ingested including the petals, leaves and the pollen. Tiny amounts, even licking the pollen from their coat or drinking the water that the lilies are in can potentially cause toxicity and kidney failure in cats.

Gilly and Freya were both placed on intravenous fluids to protect their kidneys. Blood tests were conducted to confirm that their kidneys were functioning normal. Gilly and Freya were kept at the clinic for a couple of days for monitoring before being discharged. Luckily both went home happily to mum.