Freddy's cloudy eyes

Freddy is a 10 year old Australian Terrier who was diagnosed with diabetes and Cushing's disease just over a year ago. Freddy needs to have insulin injections twice daily, medication and be fed a special diet to manage these diseases. Freddy initially came in to the clinic to have his regular blood glucose curves, however, his owner had mentioned that she noticed Freddy's eyes were looking cloudy and he was easily startled if he didn't see you coming.

Our veterinarian suspected bilateral cataracts and referred Freddy to an eye specialist for surgery. Freddy was a happy dog and liked to chase possums. His owner realised the sudden onset of blindness had not allowed Freddy to adjust to his changing environment and he had become quite depressed and not being himself so she booked him in for surgery to repair the lens of his eyes.

After his eye surgery, Freddy was a new dog and has returned to chasing possums and looking for lizards. He is back to his happy self with a new lease on life.