Freddy the Super Slimmer

Freddy, a 7 year old Australian terrier, came to Fitzroy Vet Hospital as he was lame on his right hind leg. He was diagnosed with a ruptured cruciate ligament (this is the ligament of the knee commonly torn by footballers). Luckily for freddy it was only a partial rupture and did not require surgery.
Freddy was overweight which caused added stress to his knee, he was advised to lose around 2kgs. He successfully reached his target weight of 8.8kg's at the end of 2007 and he is no longer lame on that leg. He is a much happier and active little man.
We'd like to congratulate Freddy and his mum for all their hard work.

Is your pet?
  • less active
  • short of breath
  • losing their waistline
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