Frankie - earrings are not for dogs!

Just take a look at how cute Frankie is!

Gorgeous little Frankie came to visit us this month after she vomited whilst out on a walk with her owners. Frankie's owners felt that this was really out of character for her so they decided to cut their walk short and take her home. Not long after they had returned home, Frankie's owners discovered that some pearl earrings were missing. Suspecting that Frankie may have been responsible for their disappearance, they called the clinic to find out whether the earrings could have caused an obstruction resulting in Frankie vomiting that morning. 

We advised that it may be possible and that Frankie should come down to the clinic as soon as possible. When she arrived, we took a series of x-rays which indicated that Frankie had in fact ingested the earrings! We advised her owners that we could either perform surgery to remove the earrings or they could monitor Frankie at home for the day and bring her back for repeat x-rays which we hoped would indicate some movement. 

Her owners elected to monitor Frankie, and later that day brought her back for more x-rays which would hopefully show that the earrings were moving through her system. Fortunately the x-rays did indicate that the foreign objects were making their way through her system and eventually they passed through the system. Frankie is one lucky girl and we are so thrilled that she was able to pass the earrings without having to undergo surgery. She is doing really well and after her recent trip to the vet, Frankie's owners are now considering pet insurance.

We wish Frankie and her owners all the best and hope to only see them in the future for Frankie's yearly vaccinations and check ups, and of course social visits!