Fledgling season and wildlife

Fitzroy Veterinary Clinic works in conjunction with Wildlife Victoria in assessing wildlife for rehabilitation. Recently we had a fledgling tawny Frog Mouth owl brought into the clinic by a local primary school. They had noticed the fledgling on the ground and it was being swooped by adult magpies. There was a nest nearby but only one adult was seen. The young owl was assessed by our veterinarian and fortunately no injuries were found. A wildlife carer was called to take it away for rehabilitation. Once healthy and fit, the owl would be released.

During spring there are a lot of fledglings coming down to the ground to learn how to fly. These young birds are quite vulnerable and sometimes look like they are injured or can't fly. It is important they are left close to their nest where their parents can feed them and protect them from other wildlife. If you noticed the birds are obviously injured then you can bring them to the clinic for a veterinary assessment or alternatively, you can contact Wildlife Victoria 24 hours hotline 1300 094 535. Precautions must be taken when removing an injured wildlife from its habitat.

You may have noticed during your walks adult birds are swooping at the moment. This is a good indication there are young fledglings around so please keep your dogs on lead or away from these area during the spring season. Outdoor cats should wear bells on their collars.