Ferdy's Treatment

Ferdy visited us a few months ago for a routine Synovan injection for his arthritis. During the consultation his owners mentioned to the Veterinarian that they had noticed a new lump which had only been present for the past few weeks. Upon examination a small soft and mobile mass was found just below the elbow. The Veterinarian discussed her desires to remove the lump and have it sent away for histopathology. Ferdy's owners consented and a few days later we performed a procedure to remove the lump and sent it off for testing. Ferdy recovered well from his procedure but unfortunately his test results came back confirming that he had been diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma.

These cancers are known for being locally aggressive and treatment is generally aimed at controlling the local disease. Ferdy's owners were referred to VACC (Victorian Animal Cancer Care) where the team were able to discuss further options which could be considered to ensure local control of Ferdy's sarcoma. These options included:

  • Radiation therapy
  • Maximally tolerated dose chemotherapy
  • Metronomics chemotherapy

Ferdy's owner's were given some time to consider their options regarding his treatment and decided to go ahead with the metronomics chemotherapy as it was the most suitable option for the grade of his cancer available with the least amount of side effects.

To date, Ferdy has so far had a couple of rounds of treatment and is responding really well with no side effects. 

We are thrilled to hear of Ferdy's progress and continue to wish both Ferdy and his family well during his treatment. 

At Fitzroy Vet Clinic we work closely with all avenues of specialist treatment options for your pet, to ensure you and your pet are given all the options available to provide the best outcome for your furry friends.