Evie's bad breath

Evie is a 5 year old terrier who visited our clinic because her owner had noticed she had bad breath. Our consulting veterinarian checked Evie's mouth and noticed a badly infected pre-molar on the upper right side of her mouth and was the cause of the bad breath.

Our veterinarian recommended a general anaesthetic to have the pre-molar extracted and the remaining teeth scaled and polished to remove any plaque and tarter. Before Evie underwent the general anaesthesia she had a pre-anaesthetic blood test to check her liver and kidney function and electrolyte balance to make sure she was able to metabolise the anaesthetic gases. The blood results came back within normal ranges so it was safe to proceed with the procedure on Evie.

Our veterinarian extracted the infected pre-molar and used an ultrasonic scaler to remove all the plaque and tarter from the remaining teeth. During the procedure Evie received pain relief (which lasted for 24 hours), an antibiotic injection and extended antibiotic tablets for the next five days. Evie's owner will try to brush Evie's teeth and trial a dental diet of t/d to keep her teeth nice and pearly white.

Evie has made a full recovery and her breath smells a lot sweeter.

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