Ebony gets back her pearly whites

This month we had the pleasure of treating the gorgeous Ebony, who came into the clinic to have a dental procedure. After she had been seen by a nurse for a free dental check, Ebony's teeth were given a score of grade one dental disease which means that she had a mild amount of plaque visible on her teeth. Luckily this stage of dental disease can be easily reversed by undergoing a scale and polish. Ebony's owners elected to go ahead with the recommended dental procedure in order to ensure that she has the most healthy mouth possible for the duration of her life. 

On the day of her dental procedure, Ebony was placed on intravenous fluids in order to make her anaesthetic as safe as possible. Her owners also elected to have a pre-anaesthetic blood test run which is able to detect any possible abnormalities within the liver, kidneys or blood that may indicate an increased risk of anaesthetic.

During the procedure, we placed several pieces of monitoring equipment on Ebony in order to ensure that her heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and temperature were all within normal range. Whilst under anaesthetic, we assessed each tooth individually. All of Ebony's teeth were healthy however if we were worried about any teeth at this point, we would take dental x-rays or extract diseased teeth if required. We then use an ultrasonic scaler, just like when you and I go to the dentist, in order to scale and polish Ebony's teeth back to sparkling whites.

Unfortunately without consistent homecare or a dental procedure it is highly likely that pets will develop a buildup of calculus on their teeth. At this stage owners are likely to notice redness and swelling on the gums, commonly known as gingivitis. Dental homecare from an early age can prevent both the buildup and plaque accumulation.

If left untreated, tooth and gum health will rapidly decline. At these advanced stages owners will see heavy calculus accumulation, severe gingivitis and ulceration, missing or moving teeth as well as extremely bad breath. The most concerning change is extreme discomfort and pain, and at this point other organ systems in the body can also be affected. 

Our pets can't tell us when they have a toothache, but identifying visible changes and intervening at an early stage will help us to prevent lengthy and sometimes costly procedures and most importantly ensure your pet is as healthy and comfortable as possible

At Fitzroy Vet, not only do we have a wonderful digital x-ray machine, but we also have specific plates and equipment to take extremely detailed dental x-rays. This enables us to view what is happening beneath the gum line, and have a much clearer indication for issues such as tooth root abscesses, fractured teeth, tumours and broken roots.

As you can see, Ebony is loving her new pearly whites. By implementing a specific dental health diet and undergoing dental procedures when required, Ebony is on track to have a healthy dental hygiene for the duration of her life. 

Contact us if you would like to book your pet in for a free nurse dental check.