Dennis' broken leg

Dennis was acting and walking fine as usual on this one morning but when his owners arrived home after 8pm that night they could see he was in trouble. Somehow Dennis had badly injured his right hind leg. He could hardly put any weight on the leg. His owners allowed him to rest that night and rang us first thing the next morning for an appointment.

During consultation with our vet, it was clear that Dennis was in some pain and it was decided x-rays would be required to find out what the problem was. X-rays revealed that Dennis had broken his femur, the uppermost bone in the hind leg. Surgery was needed to repair his leg and his owners gave the go-ahead.

Dennis was admitted to hospital and placed on intravenous fluid support. He was also given pain relief to ensure he was painless and comfortable. Once he was stable, Dennis was given a general anaesthetic and most of the hair on his hind leg was shaved off. The leg was then further prepared for surgery by being thoroughly cleaned to remove all contamination including bacteria.

Surgical repair of Dennis' broken leg involved the placement of an intra-medullary bone pin up the shaft of the bone, and two wires to help stabilise the fracture even further.

Dennis recovered well from surgery. He is now at home but is being checked regularly to ensure that he is on track to a full recovery. In 8 to 10 weeks time x-rays of his leg will be required again. Once there is evidence that the bone has healed well the pin will be removed (under a general anaesthetic) but the wires will be left in place. Well done Dennis for being so brave!