Dash has it covered!

Dash is a mischievous, accident prone 6 month old Airedale puppy.  His owners had registered Dash to 4 weeks free pet insurance which is offered to pets from 8 weeks to 12 months old. One of the benefits of this coverage is that Dash is fully covered for any veterinary fees due to injury and illness. It’s very lucky he was!

Recently Dash came into the clinic for a day procedure to have a large swelling on his shoulder explored and to be castrated at the same time. The swelling was secondary to bruising, probably from a bump Dash got whilst running around and playing with his doggy mates.

On the day of the procedure, Dash was administered a pre-medication to help him relax because even pets get nervous before surgery. Both procedures were performed under a general anaesthetic and Dash went home that evening with pain relief and also for a big nap after his long day.

A fortnight later we received a report from the 24 hour emergency centre – Dash had been running around at the park and had hurt himself again! This accident happened after clinic hours so his quick thinking owners took him to the 24 hour emergency centre for treatment. Poor Dash had to have another surgical procedure to clean and suture another wound! 

Because of the 4 weeks free pet insurance coverage, all costs from the emergency centre were covered! It was a great introduction to pet insurance for his owners who then decided that because Dash seems to get into mischief, it would be a good idea to continue with the insurance after the initial 4 weeks had finished. Click here for more information on pet insurance or contact us to find out more about the 4 weeks free coverage.

We are happy to say that Dash has recovered from all of his misadventures.