Daisy and her broken pelvis

Daisy is a 15 month old cat owned by our lovely vet Dr Emma. Daisy unfortunately got up to some mischief last week. We aren’t entirely sure what happened, but she was spending most of the morning hiding under the bbq, moving slowly and not acting her usual self. Dr Emma brought her into the clinic and had x-rays performed on her.

The x-rays confirmed that Daisy had a pelvic fracture. Interestingly, a fractured pelvis is the second most common breakage in cats and generally occurs after being hit by a car. Luckily for Daisy, her fracture wasn’t too severe and she is now being treated with strict cage rest and anti-inflammatories. 

Daisy is very lucky. If pelvic fractures are severe they most commonly require surgery where pins, plates, screws or wires are inserted to secure the pelvis to help it heal. At this stage Daisy is doing very well, eating happily and toileting normally and comfortably. She is enjoying getting plenty of TLC from everyone at the clinic - which isn’t hard as she is an absolute delight!