Cupcakes the Adoption Kitten

Cupcakes was in a litter of 6 kittens when she was rescued from a shelter to find her fur-ever home.  Our sister clinic Manningham Vet Clinic firstly had the care of her.  She arrived with her brothers and sisters and given a full health check and started on flea and worm control, she was only about 8 weeks old, but already super cute. The kittens were monitored for a week at Manningham to ensure no signs of illness were present, such as sneezing, eye or nasal discharge or any skin lesions. The cute little group remained healthy during this period and were paired up and separated between 3 clinics to try and re-home them ASAP.

Cupcakes and her brother remained at our sister clinic for the next couple of months. They were kept up to date with their vaccinations, flea and worm prevention and were microchipped and desexed. Eventually her brother found a home, which left her solo trying to win the affection of a human to give her a loving home.

Fortunately our sister clinic asked if we here at Fitzroy could try to find her a home. Cupcakes arrived and in a record time she was snapped up by her new devoted owner. 

Even though Cupcakes took a little while to re-home, she got to experience many things in her time at the vet clinics such as noisy dogs, other animals smells and on the weekends got to go home with different nurses for cuddles and play.

Cupcakes is going to be a very well rounded kitten having been exposed to all these things during her accepting kitten phase.

All of our Adoption Kittens come with the works, including desexing, micro-chipping, F3 and FIV vaccinations and are kept up to date with all flea and worm control.  To help get you set up at home we also provide you with a cat carrier, collar, toy and food.Here is a picture of cupcakes at her new home, we wish her and her new family all the best for the future.

Here at Fitzroy Vet Clinic we regularly have kittens up for adoption, so feel free to stop in for a cuddle or keep an eye on our website for updates.