Clarence gets a 'facelift' - a first at Fitzroy Vet

Five year old Clarence the Basset Hound visited our clinic because he had a lot of excess skin on his face which was rolling over his eyes and diminishing his vision. The excess skin was also causing his eye lashes to rub on his eye which was very painful and was at risk of causing trauma to the cornea. Clarence was in need of a 'facelift' (in medical term it is known as rhytidectomy) in an attempt to restore his vision and stop his eye lashes from rubbing on his eyes.

It was a first time Fitzroy Veterinary Hospital had performed a rhytidectomy. Clarence's surgery involved removing skin from under his eyes and excess skin folds on top of his head.  The surgery went very well and Clarence is now a very handsome and happy man.
Clarence before his facelift surgery
Clarence after the surgery