Charlie showing signs of CDS

Contrary to popular belief, the signs of old age are not always due to old age. They could be signs of a medical condition known as canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS). Charlie is a fourteen year old Golden Retriever who came into the clinic because his owner had noticed he was vocalizing a lot more, wandering aimlessly and toileting inside (even though he was toilet trained). Charlie had a physical and neurological examination by the veterinarian to rule out other disorders and conditions. A senior dog behaviour questionnaire was also filled out which identified Charlie was showing the beginning signs of CDS. Other signs of CDS include staring into space or at walls, appearing lost or confused in familiar places, failing to respond to familiar verbal cues, pacing or wandering during the night and sleeping more during the day. There is no cure for CDS. However, there are ways you can control the clinical signs by the use of medication, dietary and environmental changes to improve their quality of life. Charlie is on a high antioxidant diet to help fight age-related brain changes and is coming in for regular check-ups to monitor his progress.