Bob gets a new start in life

Bob Log IV was brought to the clinic for a check up when he was about 8 weeks old. Before then he was living as a stray in a back lane of North Fitzroy. Upon examination it was noted that Bob was not bearing any weight on his right hind leg, although it was not too painful to touch. Aside from this, Bob was a very healthy and happy little kitten.

Bob was admitted to the hospital for a radiograph to see what was happening with his hind leg. Radiographs showed that Bob had somehow previously fractured a bone (tibia) in that leg and, though it had healed by itself, it was not in the correct position.

As Bob was a young kitten, his owners opted to have surgery performed to correct the deformity, which would also give Bob the best chance of regaining full use of his leg.

Surgery was performed at the Melbourne Veterinary Referral Centre in Glen Waverly. Bob recovered well after his surgery, and the veterinarians were pleased with the results shown on post op radiographs. A support bandage was placed on Bob's leg and he was requested to return to our clinic in 1 week for his bandage to be changed.

After surgery Bob's exercise was restricted to a play pen so he could not injure his leg further. However, kittens will be mischievous and he soon returned to the clinic because he had knocked his water bowl over and his bandage was dripping wet! Over the next few weeks Bob returned for several bandage changes while the staff watched him grow and gain more movement in his leg.

Six weeks after Bob's surgery he was reassessed by the Referral Centre. They were pleased with his progress and happy that Bob no longer needed a support bandage and could now roam around the house out of the play pen.

Bob now has full use of all four of his legs and is growing up to be a fine, handsome, and happy young cat.