Blake's Close Call

Blake the beautiful 5 year old Greyhound has made a full recovery since coming to visit us a couple of months ago after he was involved in an altercation with another Greyhound. Unfortunately, Blake ended up a little worse for wear, and not long after the incident showed significant signs of pain along with limping. Upon examination, the Veterinarian confirmed that Blake had several wounds which were deemed a little worse than what his owner’s had originally thought and required further treatment.

Animals mouths are filled with bacteria and even a small bite may need medical and surgical attention to heal.  Also as most of our pets are covered with hair, the extent of these wounds can be quite deceiving.

Blake was soon put under anaesthetic in order for the Veterinarian to both clean the wounds properly to avoid infection and close the wounds to aid in healing.  Blake’s procedure went well and he was sent to an overnight hospital for continued monitoring along with pain relief administration throughout the night.

The next morning, Blake was brought back to Fitzroy for a final check and was discharged back to his owners. Blake’s owner’s did a great job in administering his pain relief and antibiotic medication and keeping an eye on his wounds, ensuring that they were kept clean. Blake’s owner’s also kept in close contact with us over the next couple of weeks providing us with updates about his progress until his sutures were removed. We are thrilled to see that Blake has made a full recovery and is back to feeling his normal happy self. As you can see, Blake is looking quite happy here relaxing in his bed.