Big old Albert on special diet

(L-R) Ernie and Albert

Meet Albert, a 9 year old Mastiff X who weighs over 60kg. He's pictured here with his special friend, Ernie, who is a 9 year old Basset Hound x. These two lovely boys are quite the duo and bring such joy to the faces of the people that they meet. Especially us!

Albert is on a special formulated diet to aid his joint mobility in his later years. The food your pet eats plays an important part in their overall health and well-being, and a nutritious balanced diet is an essential part of a healthy life style.

Although certain larger breed dogs such as Mastiffs are susceptible to arthritis, the condition can develop in any type of dog as the result of joint infection, dislocation, obesity, trauma or family genetics. Older dogs also often develop arthritis as a result of ageing. Arthritis is a general term for abnormal changes in a joint. These changes occur when cartilage is worn away faster than it can be replaced. Cartilage acts as a cushion to protect the bones. When it wears away, joints become swollen and painful.


Albert has been put on a special diet called Hill's Prescription Diet j/d. This diet has been clinically proven to increase mobility and preserve healthy cartilage in pets. It helps ease aching joints and prevents degradation of healthy cartilage to improve the pet’s quality of life.

Hill's Prescription Diets are available from Fitzroy Veterinary Hospital. As these diets are a veterinary formula, they need to be prescribed only by the veterinarian. To see if this diet is suitable for your ageing pet, contact us to make an appointment with one of our veterinarians today.