Attentive owners ensure Rory receives early treatment

Rory is a 4 and a half year old cat who came to see us when his owners noticed he was straining to urinate. Our veterinarian examined Rory and he was diagnosed with feline lower urinary tract disease FLUTD (also know as FUS or Blocked Cat). This is a potentially life threatening condition that requires urgent surgery to correct.

Rory was given a general anaesthetic and a urinary catheter was placed into his urethra, it was stiched into place and remained there for several days. This cleared the blockage in the urethra and allowed him to urinate freely.

He was placed on supportive Intra venous fluids, given pain relief and anti-inflammatories. Becuase of the build up of urine in Rory's body secondary renal failure can occur and a blood test was performed. Luckily for Rory his owners noticed his symptoms early and he had not developed any renal insufficencies.

A urine sample was sent to the labortatory where they found a large growth of crystals which had formed a plug in his urethra preventing him from urinating and causing alot of pain. He remained in hosptial for several days until the inflammation around his urethra has settled and he was able to urinte on his own.

Rory is now at home and eating a long term preventative diet of Hills C/d, to prevent the crystals from re:forming.

Please call us immediately if you notice your cat:

  • is straining to urinate
  • has blood in their urine
  • is constantly licking around his/her genitals
  • is vocalising when going to the toilet