Alex and Amelia go to the Pet Dentist (that's us!)

During routine check-ups Alex the dog and Amelia the cat were both diagnosed with dental disease. Dental disease is a frequent cause of pain and ill health in old and sometimes young animals. Treatment for this disease involves a dental prophylaxis, this is performed under general anaesthetic. Both Alex and Amelia were admitted in to hospital for the day so that we could carry out this procedure.

The first step for both patients was a pre-anaesthetic blood test, allowing us to detect any abnormalities in their organ function and indicate if there are any likely risks of the anaesthetic. Both patients were also given intravenous fluids throughout the procedure. All teeth were examined and observations noted on a chart for future reference. Any of Alex and Amelia's teeth that showed signs of advance disease were removed and the remainder were scaled and polished. To ensure that they were as comfortable as possible after the procedure, pain relief was given.