A wonderful new home for Nero the Cocker Spaniel

Nero came to Fitzroy Vet Clinic in early 2008, as his owner sadly had suffered a stroke and was no longer able to care for him. Nero is a 15 year old Cocker Spaniel and sadly due to his age would stand little to no chance of being rehomed, so his carers decided to have him euthanased.

When the staff at Fitzroy Vet Clinic met Nero he melted their hearts with his sad story and so Nurse Erin contact the Victorian Canine Rescue, which is owned and operated by Von, a women who has dedicated her life to caring for dogs.

Victorian Canine Rescue offer one on one care and attention to dogs that need rehabilitation. These are dogs that would otherwise slip through the cracks due to limited space, time and money needed to rehabilitate them to the point that they are suitable to be rehomed. They also specialise in taking in old and special needs dogs.

Von took Nero into her own home and as you can see he is now a big part of their family. We recently received this letter and photo updates from Von.

This is Von from Victorian Canine Rescue, I took Nero in, the 15 year old cocker that was going to be put down. I am so glad that you contacted me and asked if we would take him in. Can I just tell you we have been so blessed to have this old man come into our life he is such a sweet old boy...he is such a snuggle bunny, he loves his cuddles and greats us each morning with a long....woof woof. Woof translated is "good morning I missed you".

He has made himself right at home you would think he has been here all his life. He has had a nice hair cut and looks 5 years younger. Around 4.00 each afternoon he gets vocal and heads to the door for his afternoon walk before tea. He has decided that he is very much an inside dog, thankyou very much.. I was told that he lived outside all his life! Well guess what not now he goes out for an hour or so under protest each day for some fresh air and other than that only to go to the toilet and then lets us know he wants to come back in. He has a snooza bed complete with woollen underlay and snugly blanket for his old bones. It is such a pleasure to have him, he is a credit to his owner.

Victorian Canine Rescue

For more information about the Victorian Dog Rescue and their dog pack you can visit their websitewww.victoriandogrescue.org.au